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Marketing with ‘Smart Lists’

You can quickly use ‘Smart Lists’ in CRM to:

  • Sort and segment your customers by creating lists for highly tailored marketing, communications, follow-up, service and advice.
  • Set list criteria, based on key data metrics, and effortlessly maintain the list with dynamic updates.

This is a really simple way to have CRM automatically maintain Lists for you – just go to Marketing > Lists and click on New List.

  • Give the List a name and relate it to either Contacts or Companies.
  • Tick the Is Smart box.
  • Next to the Filter field, click on the button to create a new Filter.
  • You can then specify the criteria that records need to meet in order to qualify for the List, the same way that you would create a Filter anywhere else in CRM.
  • Save & Close the record.

Creating a ‘Smart List’

Setting the List conditions

When you have saved the record, click on the Update Data button – CRM will then go and perform a search to find all the records that meet your criteria and pull them through to the List.

If you have Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor integrated with your CRM, you can schedule to push these Lists out to either service on a regular basis.

We also have a video on creating Lists in CRM:

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