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Importing & exporting Product data

Export Product data to Excel

As well as being able to import data into CRM, you can also quickly export data from CRM into an Excel Spreadsheet.

To do so, click on the Excel icon in the top right corner of CRM.

Then select the Export To Excel option. Your download will commence automatically (if it doesn’t your browser may be blocking the download).

Choose what to export

The columns and records you have in the current view are what will be exported. For example, in my current view in Products I have 6 columns and 66 records.

When I click the export button, the same 6 columns and 66 records are exported to Excel.

Note that you do not need to select records either individually or in-bulk to export them; everything in the current view will be exported.

If you want to refine the data you are exporting:

  • Use the column chooser to add more columns to your view.
  • Create or apply a Layout to show specific columns quickly.
  • Use searches or Filters to show only specific records.

Reimport data to update records in bulk

If you want to update record values in bulk, you can export the data to Excel and then reimport it into CRM. See the following section on how to reimport your data.

Note that for small batches of data you can use the bulk update tool.


If you can’t see the Excel button it could be because:

  • You do not have export permission – please contact your system administrator.
  • Export is not available in that area of CRM.

If your download doesn’t automatically start, it could be because your browser is blocking it.

In some instances only the ‘top-level’ of data can be exported. For example:

  • Information contained on tabs within in the Product record cannot be exported as part of a product export – see the following screenshot for an example of tabs.

Import Product data to CRM

As well as being able to export data into CRM, you can also quickly import data into CRM from a CSV file.

You can download a copy of the product import template.

To import your data, click on the Excel icon in the top right corner of CRM.

Then from the list, choose Import from CSV.





Then follow the prompts to import from CSV. You’ll need to match data labels in your CSV file with data labels in the CRM and then your data will begin importing. We’ve made a dedicated help file for this process so click HERE to learn more.

If you’re uploading data to an existing database, you’ll benefit from our handy Duplicate Checker. This is automatically enabled and will use Part Number (as this is a unique value) by default to check for duplicate records in CRM.


Depending on your preferences, you can skip duplicates, upload duplicate data anyway, or choose to update the existing records with any new fields that may be associated

When you are ready to proceed with the import, click on Upload.
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