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About Admin

The Admin grouping lets you customise a range of options throughout your CRM, set system defaults and manage integrations with other services. The modules in this group are:

  • General – from here, you can choose from and apply a range of global settings that relate to credit, quotes, deliveries, invoices, reporting, regions, security, lead scoring, pricing, sales & purchases, manufacturing, templates, campaigns, products and landed cost calculations.
  • Integrations – this is where you manage your system integrations with third-party services.
  • Locations – you can add multiple locations to correspond to a range of address types like physical locations, delivery or postal addresses, legal addresses etc. This is a great way to manage organisations that have multiple offices or sites.
  • Payment Methods – customise the types of payment methods that appear in CRM (e.g. credit card, EFT, BPay), set a default method or add new methods to the system.
  • Payment Terms – customise the list of payment terms that appear in CRM and set a default term.
  • Quote Settings – from here you can create and manage custom quote templates.
  • Templates – from here you can create and manage email, letter PDF and SMS templates.
  • Couriers – here you can add courier or transport companies that you use for shipping so that you can assign them to your orders and shipment records throughout the system.
  • Service Reports – here you can create templates to use with Jobs so that specific information about tasks performed during service or installation work can be captured and reported on.
  • Settings – here you can customise the choices that appear in various dropdown lists in the Companies, Contacts, Activity, Opportunities, Tickets, Projects, Jobs, Products, Training Courses, Campaigns, Assets, Sales and Purchase Order modules.
  • Calendar – here you can add resource groups (e.g. ovens, machinery, trucks) and then add specific resources to the groups (e.g. delivery truck 1, delivery truck 2 etc.) so that you can schedule and manage the use of your resources from the calendar.
  • Suburb – this is a list of suburbs that you can associate with your sales regions.
  • Phone Numbers – if you have set up a connection with Burst SMS, phone numbers that you have set up will appear here and you can also add new numbers.

The management of Users and Teams is accessed by clicking on your user name in the top right corner of CRM to reveal a menu.

  • Users – here you can create, invite and manage your users.
  • Teams – here you can create and manage teams that will apply specific security permissions to the users that you add as members.

Accessing Users & Teams

The following resources go through the features and functions of each module in more detail:

General Settings



Templates you can customise

Users, Teams & Security

Accounting Integrations (MYOB & Xero)



Setup Guides

You can also see our guides on the following areas:


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