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Quote Form Templates

If you’re looking for help on Web Quote Templates, please click here.

Quote Form Templates will allow you to set up a CRM Quote form that can be used to quickly produce Quotes. This feature is particularly useful if you:

  • Have multiple Web Quote Templates.
  • Quote items from a range of different locations.
  • Frequently quote packages of items and/or services.
  • Require a deposit once a Quote has been accepted.
  • Want to assign Quotes to a particular User by default.
  • Apply standard discounts to items or services or have a promotion going.

Set up a new Quote Template

On the main menu, navigate to Admin > Settings > Quoting And Selling > Quote Form Templates.

Click on the New Quote Template button.

A new Quote form will display, allowing you to select the options for your template. There are a number of useful options you can set here:

  • You may want to name the templates to correspond to particular package of products you frequently quote, pricing level, user or location you sell from. The Name field should make it easy for staff to identify the purpose of the template.
  • You can use the Assigned To field to set a default owner.
  • Sell From can be used to set a default Location to sell items from.
  • Customer Price Type can be used to set the default price level for items being quoted.
  • Template can be used to set a default Web Quote Template.
  • Allow Deposit can be used to specify a set deposit amount.

You can then select items to appear on the Quote and make any required modifications to the descriptions or add discounts.

When you are done, click on Save & Close.

Use an existing Quote to create a Quote Template

You can also choose an existing Quote for a customer and use it to create a new Quote Template. Just open an existing Quote, go to the activity bar and select Copy, then select Copy As Template.

This option takes all the selections and items on your existing Quote and turns them into a new Quote Template that you can then Edit and adjust.

Create a new Quote from a Template

In Sales > Quotes you can click on the Quote From Template button.

A window will open that allows you to select the template that you want to use.

Once you have selected a template, a new Quote record will open with the options you set up in the template.

The same option to create a Quote from a template will also appear when you are in the Quotes tab on a customer record.

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