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You can add delivery couriers and carriers that you use to your system and then apply your choices to Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Shipment records.

Note that if you have integrated CRM with Machship, this area will automatically populate with service providers that you have linked to your account and you will not need to add them manually. 

Add freight, carrier and courier services

To manually add a Courier, navigate to Admin> Couriers Settings and click New Courier – you will be able to add the company name and a tracking URL (at present, the tracking URL doesn’t perform a function within CRM).

You can also specify a default Courier that will automatically be selected on all Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.

Courier Services

You can now add services and link them to the Couriers you have set up e.g. you may use Australia Post and want to differentiate between standard, express and platinum services.

Navigate to Admin > Couriers Settings > Courier Services and click on New Courier Service.

You can then enter the service Name (e.g. standard) and then link it to the provider using the Courier field. You can also set a default service type.

Freight Item Types

This area is only applicable if you have integrated with Machship – these details are used to generate Freight Quotes in CRM.

Adding shipping details to Sales & Purchase Orders

In a Sales Order you can then select the applicable service and add tracking details using the following fields.

When you generate an Outbound Shipment from the order, the shipping information will automatically pull through to the shipment record.

The same applies to Purchase Orders and Inbound Shipments.

Shipping details on a Sales Order


Shipping details on an Outbound Shipment record

You can also select a default courier to apply to all your Sales Orders from Admin> General> Invoice Settings.

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