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Payment Methods

When you initially import data from your accounting system to CRM, Payment Methods will be automatically created using your existing data. You can also create new Payment Methods from Admin> Settings > Finance > Payment Methods and then choose from the available methods when you are working with Payments in your system.

Create a new Payment Method

Note that once you connect your accounting system, your payment methods will be imported into CRM automatically.

Click on New Payment Method to create a new option and give it a name – ensure that the Is Active box is ticked.

Edit a Payment Method

Just click on a method on the list to open it, make your changes and then press Save.

Default Payment Method

You can tick the Is Default box for a method to set it as the default method to apply to all Payments.


When you create a Payment, you can change the method to something other than the default by making another choice from the Payment Method dropdown list. 

Deactivate a Payment Method

You can untick the Is Active box for a method to remove a method from the method dropdown list when you are working with Payments.

GL codes

If CRM is connected to an accounting system, your GL codes will be automatically imported into CRM and will show for selection in the GL Code field.

You will need to ensure that each method has a GL code applied, or you will have errors when trying to sync payments to your accounting system.

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