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Create Marketing Lists

the CRM provides the functionality to Create and Manage marketing lists for email or digital marketing, or simply for easy customer segmentation. At present, marketing lists can be created in relation to:

  • Companies (if you have company-level contact with your customers), or
  • Contacts (if you mainly have personalised contact with your customers).

For example, if you had a marketing list of “All Golf Shops” which didn’t have any personal details, you’d create a list related to Company and work thought it that way. On the other hand, if you run training courses and want to contact attendees of those courses via email you’d want more personalised communication in the form of a Contact marketing list.

We also have a video on creating Lists in CRM:

Create a New List

There are a few ways to create marketing lists in the CRM. The first is to do so through the marketing module. To do this, navigate to the Main Menu -> Marketing -> Lists.

In the top right, click on New List.

You’ll then be taken to the list creation screen where you’ll be prompted to fill in some general details about the list – including the list name, whether the list is related to Contacts or Companies, and any further list description if desired. Once complete, hit Save and Close and you’ll be ready to start adding members to the list.

Viewing Your Lists

To view your lists and list members, or to edit list names, navigate to the Main Menu -> Marketing -> Lists. You’ll see a collection of existing lists in the grid.

Simply click on the desired list to view and manage list members, edit list features or upload to digital or email marketing platforms.

Sending Bulk SMS from List

To send out a group of SMS, simply open the List and select the Sms button.

This will send an SMS to all those within the List with a valid number.

More information on Burst SMS can be found here.

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