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Regional Settings

From Admin > General > Regional Settings you can manage a range of key financial and regional settings.

Regional settings in Admin > General

Remember that if you make any changes on this page you need to scroll to the bottom and click on Update to apply them.

Default Country

You can select your Default Country from the dropdown list.

This choice will be used to validate the format of phone numbers and also default to the chosen country when entering in addresses.


You can select your default Currency from the list. Your choice here will then be automatically applied to all sales and purchases.

Note that we have multi-currency for both sales and purchasing available in CRM, so you can always select a different currency when working with sales and purchases.

Financial Year Start

You can select the month that is your new Financial Year Start from the dropdown list.

The choice you make here will then flow through to Reports and Dashboards.

Period settings for a Dashboard

Time Zone

You can set the Time Zone for your headquarters or primary location from the dropdown list.

If Users are working from a location other than your primary one, their current timezone will be applied to CRM via the browser so that notifications and alerts are all provided in local time automatically.

Default Speech Recognition Language

You can set the Default Speech Recognition Language for all your Users here.

Note that you can also set a different language for each User, based on their preference.

Selecting a speech language on a User record

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