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Purchase Orders

This page will take you through some common scenarios when you are working with the Purchase Orders module.

You can easily preview and email a Purchase Order directly to a supplier by using the record toolbar:

  • The Preview button opens a PDF of the order in a new window.
  • The Email button allows you to either draft a new email or send an email using a pre-defined template. A PDF version of the order will automatically be attached.

Email and Preview buttons on a Purchase Order record toolbar

  • You can also view the web version of the order by clicking on the Preview As Supplier button, which will open the order in a new browser tab.

  • You can then email the web version by clicking on the Copy URL button, which allows you to paste the URL into an email.

Tracking the Status of orders

The order Status field will automatically update when certain events take place:

  • New is automatically assigned as the Status when you create a record.
  • The Convert To Supplier Bill button is clicked – the status will show as Invoiced.
  • When the order items are marked as received, the Status will change to either Partially Received or Completely Received.

You can also manually change the Status to: Backorder, Sent, Cancelled, Completed or Request For Quote. To do this:

  • Open the applicable order and click Edit.
  • Go to the Status field and select a new option from the dropdown.
  • Click on Save & Close.

Editing a Purchase Order record

Editing the Status of a Purchase Order record

Receiving ordered goods

On the Purchase Order form, you have the option to create a receipt for part or all of your order, depending on whether the items arrive separately or together. You can also see our specific help page on Inbound Shipments.

  • Receive Shipment will allow you to specify which items on the order have arrived – you will automatically be taken to a shipping record that you can modify.
  • Receive All will mark all items on the order as received – this will automatically generate a shipping record that shows all outstanding items as received.

Item receipt options on a Purchase Order

You can see items that have been received from both the Receipts tab on the order and from the Inbound Shipments module.

The Receipts tab on a Purchase Order

The Inbound Shipments module

The Shipment Status field will also update to reflect whether the order has been completely received or partially received.

Shipment Status on a Purchase Order

When you receipt items, your Stock is automatically increased by the received quantity. The Location the Stock will be increased at is determined by what you have set as the order destination in the Purchase For field.

The Location where Stock will be increased when items are received

Creating Supplier Bills

You can convert a Purchase Order to a Supplier Bill using the button on the form toolbar.

Convert a Purchase Order to a Supplier Bill

Clicking this button takes you directly to a new Supplier Bill record, which you can edit if you only want to create a bill for some of the order items – you can delete items that have not been received.

The Status field will also update to reflect whether the order has been invoiced or not.

Status field showing the Purchase Order has been invoiced

Merging Purchase Orders

If you have multiple Purchase Orders for the same supplier, you can merge them together.

Open a record and click on the Merge button on the toolbar.

You will then be prompted to confirm the merge.

A pop-up box will then appear, showing a list of other orders for the same supplier, allowing you to select single or multiple orders to merge with.

Click OK when you are done and the system will merge the orders for you.

Purchase Order templates

Note that you can customise both the PDF and web version/s of your Purchase Order templates.

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