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Create Freight Quotes

If you have already set up your Machship integration, you can use your contract freight rates to create live quotes in CRM.

You can create standalone freight quotes or quickly get a freight quote while you are preparing a customer Quote.

Note that once you have saved a Freight Quote, you will not be able to edit it – you would need to create a another quote with the new details. 

Create a Freight Quote
  • Navigate to the Sales area and select Freight Quotes.

Accessing Freight Quotes

  • Select New Quote from the top right corner.

Creating a new Freight Quote







  • From the new Freight Quote form you can add the origin, destination and items to be shipped – clicking on Add Item adds a new row to complete.
  • When you are finished, click Get Prices.

Creating a new Freight Quote

  • Prices using your existing contract freight rates will then be shown below the item/s.
  • You can click on any of the individual quotes to reveal more detail and the option to save the quote. 

Clicking on a carrier name will reveal more detail about the quote

Adding Freight from a Quote
  • You can also generate a Freight Quote when you are creating a new Quote.
  • When adding a new item to the quote, you have the option to select Freight Quote.

Adding a freight quote to a Quote

  • This opens a quoting window in the same format as it would from Freight Quotes.

Freight Quote calculation window in Quotes












Once you have selected and saved a carrier quote, the system will automatically create a record in the Freight Quotes module and add a link to the Freight Quote next to the freight item on the Quote.

Freight Quote link on a Quote





The same Freight Quote from above, shown as it’s own record in the Freight Quotes module

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