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Product Groups

If you’re looking for Product Categories, see this guide.

You can create and manage Product Groups from Admin > Settings > Inventory > Product Groups.

What are Groups for?

Groups allow you to quickly segment and sort your inventory. Like Product Categories, they also not through to Reports & Dashboards.

How do I create or edit Groups?

From Admin > Settings > Inventory click on Product Groups and a pop-up window will open, allowing you to Add, Edit or Delete Groups.

You can also change the order in which Groups appear on the list by using the up/down arrows next to the option to change it’s position.


You can then apply your choices on Products via the Group field.

Group field on a Product


This column can also be added to the grid in Products so you can search or sort records by it.

Group column in Product grid view


Can I bulk update Groups for my Products?

In the Products grid, select the records you’d like to update, click on the Update button and select the Group field and then the new group that you’d like to apply to the selected records.

If you’d like to update large batches of records, exporting and reimporting your data is a good option.

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