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Managing Stock

This page will take you through key functions of the Stocks moduleYou can also find further information about stock management in our help files for Product Batches and Serial Numbers.

The Stocks module is accessed from the Inventory grouping on the main menu.

Inventory module group on the main menu












What the Stocks module does

The Stocks module shows you the current stock level for all your Products:

  • The stock figures you see here are influenced by actions performed in other CRM modules e.g. Invoices and Purchase Orders.
  • Current stock figures will also show in different areas of the system when you are working with Products so that you can always see what stock you have available e.g. Orders, Quotes, Invoices, Work Orders and Purchase Orders.

Example of the Stocks module

Selling stock
  • When an item is sold using an Invoice, the stock level for the Product is decreased.
  • Until an item is invoiced, it will show in the Stock module as Committed.
Purchasing stock
  • When an item is purchased using a Purchase Order, the stock level for the product is increased when the shipment is received.
  • Until an incoming shipment is received, it will show in the Stock module as Incoming.
  • When you don’t have enough stock in the system to fulfil an order, the missing quantity will automatically be categorised as being In Backorder until a new incoming shipment from a Purchase Order is received for a sufficient quantity that enables the original order to be fulfilled.
  • Items categorised as being In Backorder will show when you are creating Sales Orders and Work Orders as such.
  • Items In Backorder will also show in the Backorders module.
  • You can include items In Backorder on your invoices by enabling this function from Admin>General>Invoice Settings – just tick the Include Backorder In Invoice box.
Manufacturing Products

When you set up a Bill Of Materials, you specify which existing Input Products will be used to create your final Output Product. See our help pages on Setting up manufactured products, Bills of Material and Work Orders for more information.

When you generate a new Work Order and choose a Bill Of Materials to manufacture an Output Product, the system will automatically take the following steps:

  • Decrease the stock level for the chosen Input Products.
  • When the Work Order is complete, the stock level for the Output Products will be increased by the quantity that is created as a result of the order.

A Work Order showing Input Products

Output Products on the same Work Order

Generating Work Orders

From the Stocks page, you can quickly generate a new Work Order for any Product that you manufacture i.e. you can see immediately what you are running low on and may want to replenish stock straight away.

Just select the Product you would like to manufacture more of and click on Generate Work Order to start the process.

Generate a new Work Order for a Product from Stocks

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