Product Batches

When you create a new Product, you can specify whether batch tracking is required by ticking the Is Batch Tracked box – this forces the creation and ongoing management of batches for the Product.  You can also update the Is Batch Tracked field on existing Products when you edit them.

Setting up batch tracking on a new Product

















When batch tracking is enabled, a Batch tab will show in the Product record, allowing you to create batches.

Batch tab on a Product




















Create a Product Batch

Within the relevant Product record, navigate to the Batches tab and click on Add new Product Batch.

If you cannot see this tab on your Product record, the Is Batch Tracked box may not be ticked on the Product and you will need to edit the record, tick this box and then Save & Close the record so that the tab becomes visible.

Creating a new Product batch










From here, you can input the following information:

  • Add a batch identifier to the Number field.
  • Add an Expiry Date for the batch.
  • Select a Location where the batch is stored – you can also include a specific Bay Location as well.
  • Enter the Quantity contained in the batch.
  • Add further details for the batch in the Description field.
  • Click Save to create the batch.

Your new batch will now display on the Batches tab of the Product form.

Batch tracking

When you enable batch tracking on a Product, the system will force you to manage the batches – this information then feeds through to Work Orders, Sales Orders and Invoices. 

Add tracking on Sales Orders and Invoices

When you add batch-tracked Products to any of these forms, you will be able to select stock from the available batches by clicking on Batch, as per the example below – this generates a pop-up where you can choose which batches to draw stock from.

Adding a Product with batch tracking







Selecting stock from the available batches









Add tracking on Work Orders

When you create a new Work Order and include Input Products that have batch tracking enabled, you will not be able to start the order until batch information has been completed – this is shown in the following example.

Adding batch details to input products on a Work Order












Track batch movements for a Product

You can track the movement of batches from a Product record, using the Batch Movements tab.

Tracking batch movements from a Product











Batch adjustments

From this tab you can also Add Batch Adjustments and manually adjust the batch Quantity at various Locations.

Adding a new batch movement to a Product in the Batch Movements tab