Deleting Special Prices

If you need to remove special prices that you’ve set up in the CRM, there are a few different ways to do so.

To delete special prices from a Customer Record, head to the Main Menu and select Company.

Click on the desired company and scroll down to the Special Prices tab in the action bar.

To delete a unique price break, without deleting all special pricing associated with a product, click on the appropriate line in the special pricing grid – in this case I’ll select Golf Balls – White 3 Pack. You’ll then see all the price breaks that are currently active for the particular product. To delete one, simply click the small ‘X’ beside the break. Then hit Save.

Note: when there is only one special price left, this process of deletion won’t work. To delete all price breaks associated with a product, you’ll need to select the line and then hit ‘Delete Special Price’. Then hit OK.

You can also complete this process from the product record to delete special prices associated with the Customer. Head to the Main Menu, expand the Inventory module and select All Products.

Select the product with special prices that you’d like to remove. Then scroll down to the Special Prices tab in the action bar.

From here, the process is identical to the above. To delete specific price breaks for a certain company, click on the company line in the grid and then hit the small ‘X’ beside the price break you’d like to remove. Then hit Save.

To completely delete all special pricing for a particular company, select the company from the grid and then hit ‘Delete Special Price’ and then hit OK.