Location Based Price Breaks

the CRM provides the functionality to offer different prices based on the location you’re selling to (i.e. the customer location) or the location you’re selling from (i.e. different warehouses or offices).

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up your sales regions. By default, there is a sales region for each Australian State/Territory, however, if you’d like to edit these here’s what to do. Head to the Main Menu and scroll down to the Admin section. Then scroll down and click Settings and locate the Company Settings tab.

Once you click this, you’ll see a range of customisable lists. To edit the available regions, click Sales Region.

Click Add and define a name for the new region, then click Save.

To assign a customer to a specific sales region, head to the Main Menu, select Company and then select the customer record you’d like to modify. Click edit and locate the Sales Region field. Select the desired region from the dropdown, then click Save and Close.

To create location specific pricing, head to the Main Menu, expand the Sales module and select Products.

Click the product you’d like to assign the pricing policy to and locate the Price Breaks tab in the action bar.

Then, ensure the box beside ‘Same Price for All Locations’ is NOT checked. This will reveal your sales regions where you can set unique pricing for each.

Once you’ve set up your pricing, click Save Changes and your pricing levels will be automatically updated when you generate quotes, sales orders and invoices.

NOTE: If you want your location specific pricing to be based on the location you’re selling FROM, head to the Main Menu, expand the Admin section and select General.

Then locate the Pricing section and ensure the Location Based Pricing field is set to ‘Sell From’. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update.

Then head back to the Admin section of the Main Menu and edit your business locations by selecting Locations.

You’ll see a list of business locations and you can set up new locations by clicking the ‘New Location’ button in the top right.

You can then edit the price levels on the product record in the same way as outlined above.