Setting Up Manufactured Products

Manufacturing involves the transformation of some kind of raw material(s) into a finished product(s). The first step in setting up manufacturing within the CRM is to create/define your input and output products. If you’ve imported your products across from a finance system, then you should be able to start creating your Bills of Materials right away, provided you’ve ticked the box beside ‘I Make This Product’ for any products that you manufacture.

If not, you’ll need to set up your products so they can be used correctly. To do this, we’ll head to the inventory module and click on All Products.

To create a new product, hit the New Product button in the top right.

Later, we’ll be running through the manufacturing process using brownies as an example, so I’ll set up this input product as sugar. You can see we’ve given the product a name, ticked that the product is Active, ticked that the product is Purchasable (this means it is a raw material that we’ll use in production) and we’ve ticked to Track Stock. We’ve also provided a cost price since we buy the product.

When it comes to setting up Bills of Materials, output products can only be defined as products that you’ve specified you make. To implement this specification, on the product record you’ll need to ensure that ‘I Make This Product’ is checked. For example, you’ll see for this Bakehouse Fudge Brownie, we’ve given a name, ticked that the product is Active, ticked that the product is Sellable, ticked to Track Stock, ticked to Batch Track the product and we’ve also ticked ‘I Make This Product’.

Once your products are set up correctly, hit Save and Close.

For the sake of the following example, I’m going to manually enter some starting stock for my input products. I can do this by heading to the product record and clicking Stock Movements.

Then I hit Add Stock Adjustment, update the stock accordingly and hit Save.

I’m going to give myself 100 units of each input product and leave our output products with no stock. We can verify stock levels by hitting Stocks and noticing that there are now 100 units at our Western Sydney Kitchen.

Note: if you’re syncing with an accounting/finance system, your inventory and stock levels should be pulled across automatically.

Now we’re ready to create our Bill of Materials. Click here to keep learning.