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Different Price Types

the CRM lets you define unlimited price levels which you are able to assign to customers for easy selling – anything you quote that client will be priced correctly automatically.

You can use this functionality to sell products at unique prices to different clients with ease.

You can also see our other help pages on the topic of pricing:

Edit your Price Types

To edit the price types, head to the Main Menu, expand the Admin section, Click Settings and scroll down to click Product Settings.

You’ll then reveal a range of customisable lists. To edit the price types, click Price Type, then click Add.

Define a name for the new price level and ensure you check the box beside Is Active to make the price type available.

Change the Price Type for a customer

To change the customer price type, head to a customer Contact record and click Edit.

Ensure the box beside I Sell to This Customer is checked. Then select the desired Price Type from the dropdown menu.

Change the system default Price Type

To modify the default Price Type, head to the Main Menu, expand the Admin section and select General.

Then locate the Pricing section and use the Default Customer Price Type field to select a new option. Then scroll to the bottom and click Update.

Edit pricing on a Product

To edit the pricing policy at each price level, head to the Main Menu and expand the Sales module. Then select Products or Products I Sell.

Open the desired product record and locate the Price Breaks tab where you will see there is a  row for each Price Type that exists in your system.

Simply enter the desired price for each respective row in the Price/Value field and when finished, click on Save Changes.

Import Prices Types for Products in bulk

First you will need to download the import template by clicking here.

Then you will need to fill in the template with your pricing information and make sure that you have set your Price Breaks up in CRM first.

  • Quantity breaks.
  • Discounts that are based on either:
    • Dollars $ – add or subtract a dollar amount from the standard price.
    • Percent % – add or subtract a percentage amount from the standard price.
    • Substitute – manually enter in a discounted price in dollars $.

Following is a sample of pricing data in a CSV file. You can download a copy of the sample file by clicking here.

When you are ready to import you data, go to Inventory > Products and click on the Excel icon in the top right corner, then select Import Price Breaks from CSV.

You can then drag & drop or click to select your data file.

When you are ready to start the import, click on Upload.

When the import is finished, a completion message will show and you can click Done to exit.


Apply pricing on sales

Once you have configured your prices on Products, your pricing will be updated automatically when creating Quotes, Invoices and Sales Orders, based on the Price Type assigned to the customer.

If a Price Type has not been assigned for a customer, you can make a selection in the Customer Price Type field when you are working with Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices.

Customer Price Type field on a Sales Order

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