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Requests For Quote

You can request quotes from suppliers (or potential suppliers) using the Request For Quote  (RFQ) module in CRM. You can then quickly create a Purchase Order from an RFQ.

Create a new request

From the main menu go to Inventory > Requests For Quote and click on the New Request For Quote button.

Creating a new Request For Quote

When creating a new RFQ you can specify:

  • Who the RFQ is Assigned To.
  • The Purchase For field allows you to specify the anticipated Location that purchased stock will be received into in future.
  • Which PDF Template is used.
  • Which Email Template is used to email the web and/or PDF version.
  • Which Web Template is used.

You can add additional Products to the form with the Add Item button.

Adding items to an RFQ

When you are finished inputting data, you can click on Save & Close.

View the request as a PDF or web version

You can send your RFQ out as either a PDF document or online link (or both). If you haven’t yet set up your web templates, you can do so with these instructions.

To view the PDF document, click on Generate > Request For Quote on the record toolbar.

You can also view the web version of the request by clicking on the Preview As Supplier button, which will open the web request in a new tab.

Generating the web version for preview

You can then click on the Copy URL button to copy the link so that you can paste it into an Email or SMS.

Copying the web version url

Convert a request to a Purchase Order

You can quickly create a Purchase Order from your request using the named button on the toolbar.

Converting a request to a Purchase Order

A link is then established between the request and the Purchase Order so that you can quickly access one from the other.

RFQ link on a Purchase Order

Purchase Order link on RFQ

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