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Bay Locations

If you’re looking for information on Locations, visit this page. Bay Locations are different to Locations:

  • You can use Bay Locations whether you have one or many Locations.
  • Bay Locations are used to tell you the position of stock within a Location.
    • For example, I have a Location in CRM called “Sydney Warehouse” and within that I have several Bay Locations for “Store Room”, “Cold Room” and “Shelving”. So when an order is placed, my team knows which Location it is for and where to find the stock.

On Products where the Track Stock box has been enabled, you can specify a Bay Location for your stock to make it easier to physically locate e.g. stock may be on a particular shelf, in a room, located in a particular aisle etc.


You are able to enter in details about a product’s location via the Bay Location field, which is accessed via the Stocks tab on Product records.

Just click on a record for a Location to reveal a field where you can add a Bay Location. When you are done, click Save.

Once this information has been entered in:

  • You can see the Bay Location from the Stocks tab of the Product.

  • You can add the column for Bay Location to the Inventory > Stocks page.

PDF documents like your Picking List could be customised to include the Bay Location of stock to make it easier for people to pick orders.

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