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Create pricing for a Product (based on where you’re selling it FROM)

If you want your Location specific pricing to be based on the location you’re selling FROM, head to the Main Menu > Admin > General.

Then locate the Pricing section and ensure the Location Based Pricing field is set to Sell From. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update to apply the change.

Then head back to the Admin section of the Main Menu and edit your business locations by selecting Locations.

You’ll see a list of business locations and you can set up new Locations by clicking the New Location button in the top right. Note that if your CRM is linked to MYOB AccountRight, you will need to create the new Locations there and then import them into CRM.

To edit the pricing policy at each price level for a Product, head to the Main Menu > Inventory then select Products or Products I Sell.

Open the desired product record and locate the Price Breaks tab.

You can de-select the Same Price For All Locations box so that you can then see and set pricing for each Location.

You can then edit each Location with the desired pricing.

To apply your changes, click on Save Changes and your pricing levels will be automatically updated when you generate Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices.

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