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Creating Opportunities

You can create a new Opportunity from the following modules: Contacts, Companies, Projects and of course, the Opportunity module. Within each module you can quickly create a new record using a short form or create a new record using the full form.

  • Short form: allows you to quickly create a record with basic details.

The Opportunity short form


  • Long form: displays the entire form with all fields.

The Opportunity long form


From Opportunities

There is a button to open either form in this area.

Creating a new Opportunity using the short or long form buttons


If the Company and/or Contact I’m creating the record for doesn’t already exist in CRM, I can quickly create them inline. This method works with the short and long forms.

  • Start typing in the name of the Company or Contact you want to search for. If there is no match, CRM will give you the option to add a new record.
  • Click to confirm you want to add a new record.

  • CRM will then display New to indicate that a new record will be created.

  • When you save the Opportunity record, a new Company will be created.

The process is the same if you want to create a new Contact. You can also create a new Company and Contact at the same time.

From a Company or Contact

You can also create new records from the activity toolbar on a Company or Contact – these buttons will open the short form.

Creating an Opportunity on a Company


Creating an Opportunity on a Contact


From a Project

On a Project you can create (and link) multiple Opportunities and view all associated records from the tab.

Creating an Opportunity with the button on the activity bar will open the short form.


Bulk importing

  • From the main screen, click on the Excel icon and select Import Opportunities.

  • From here, you can then download the import template, add your data to it and then upload the file to start the importer.

Note that if you also need to create Contacts and/or Company records to go with the Opportunities, you’ll need to have created the records before you start the Opportunity import i.e. you need to have imported the Companies/Contacts first. 

  • You can also export, clean up in Excel and then reimport your Opportunity data as a CSV file to update existing records in bulk.

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