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System Products for Deposits & Freight

CRM comes with several system products by default. You should NOT delete these Products

Deposit item on an Invoice


  • Freight TE – this is used to add freight charges to sales and purchases.

Freight item on a Sales Order


  • Service TE – this is only relevant to databases connected with MYOB, which has both “Item” and “Service” based invoices.  We use this “Service” product in relation to these invoices. You do not need to update this Product or do anything with it. 

Locating these Products

You can quickly search for these using the Part Number column using the Ends With option and the search text “te”, as per the following screenshot.


Providing accounting information for Deposit & Freight Products

You only need to edit the Deposit and Freight products to apply the relevant sale and purchase GL codes and tax rates so the Products can be synced with your accounting system.

Locate the items and then click the Edit button.

Then fill in the necessary GL Code and Tax Rate information.

Click on Save & Close to apply the changes.


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