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Stock Transfer Shipments

If you have multiple Locations in CRM, you can move stock between them with Stock Transfers and Stock Transfer Shipments. You can also learn more about managing stock at different Locations here.

Before you can work with Stock Transfer Shipments, you must first have created a Stock Transfer – click here to learn how. 

Sending a Transfer Shipment

From Warehouse > Stock Transfer Shipments you can view and manage all your stock movements between Locations.

  • Click on any record to open it.

  • You can click on the Preview button to generate a PDF Stock Label, which opens in a new tab.

From the Items tab you can:

  • Adjust the quantity of items on the shipment by clicking on the item to reveal the option and then click Save to apply the change.

  • Use the buttons to add or remove items.

  • When you are ready to progress the shipment, click on the Marked As button to reveal further options to mark it as Picked, Packed, Shipped or Received.

Note that items will not be added to stock at the destination until the Stock Transfer Shipment is marked as Received

When a shipment is marked as Shipped, the system will:

  1. Reduce the stock in the From Location
  2. Place the stock in a Transit Location

When the shipment is marked as Received, the system will:

  1. Reduce the stock in the Transit Location
  2. Increase the stock in the To Location

Your database comes with a default Transit Location that will be used for this purpose.

Shipment Tracking

  • At any time, you will be able to see the Status of the shipment, either from a record, or from List View.

Status field on a Stock Transfer Shipment record

Status column in Stock Transfer Shipments

  • From the Tracking tab you will be able to see the progression of the shipment.

  • You will also be able to see some of this information in the top right-hand corner of the record.

Pro Tip: use Advanced Filters and Layouts to quickly segment and sort your shipments for easy workflow and tracking.

Reverse the Status of a Transfer

If required, you can undo the Status of a shipment using the option underneath the Mark As button.

  • For example, the record below is showing as Received, so if I click the Undo Mark button, it will be regressed back to a Status of Shipped.
  • From Shipped, if I clicked on Undo Mark again, the Status would be regressed back to Packed.

  • You will then be prompted to confirm the action.

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