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About Inventory

The Inventory group in CRM contains the following modules:

  • Products – all items that you buy and sell.
  • Products I Buy – just the items you buy.
  • Products I Sell – just the items you sell.
  • Stocks – shows your current stock levels.
  • Stocktakes – provides a way to conduct and record all your stocktakes.
  • Backorders – items that have been ordered but are not currently in stock.
  • Stock Transfers – allows you to move your stock between different locations.
  • Stock Transfer Shipments – shows the status of all your stock transfer shipments.
  • Requests for Quote – request a quote from a supplier.
  • Purchase Orders – order goods from a supplier.
  • Supplier Bills – money you owe suppliers for goods purchased.
  • Inbound Shipments – shipments of goods you have ordered from suppliers.
  • Supplier Companies – supplier companies you buy goods from.
  • Supplier Contacts – contacts that work at supplier companies.

Each of the modules within this group are integrated, so they share data and update other records and modules when important events take place.

To learn more about customising your Purchase Order PDF Template, see our Help Articles section on Admin and Setup Guides section on Templates.

Working with Products


Managing Stock


Landed Costs for purchasing


Accounting Integrations (MYOB & Xero)

Product Integrations


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