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Sales Regions

You can create Sales Regions in CRM and then apply them to Companies and Contacts in order to segment customers and suppliers based on their location.

1. Creating Sales Regions

  • You can do this from Admin > Settings > My Company > Sales Regions.

  • A pop-up window will open and allow you to Add, Edit or Delete regions.

  • To add a new region, use the Add button and then click on Save when you are done.

2. Associate Sales Regions with Suburbs

  • From Admin > Suburbs you can access a list of Suburbs and associate them with Sales Regions.

  • Click on any Suburb to associate it with a Sales Region.

  • Then click Save to apply the choice.

If you want to perform this process in bulk, you can download a list of Suburbs with this link, fill in the Sales Region data and then email this back to [email protected] for import into your system (charges may apply).

3. Applying Sales Regions to records

To a single record

  • You can use the Sales Region field on Companies and Contacts to segment your customers and suppliers – just select the applicable region.

  • The field will appear on the saved form.

In bulk for multiple records

If you need to do this for a small batch of records, you can do it using bulk update from the grid in Companies and Contacts:

  • Select the records you would like to update.
  • Click on the Update button on the toolbar.
  • Select the Sales Region field from the pop-up window and select the desired value.
  • Click on Update to apply the change to the records.

If you have a large batch of records, exporting the data to Excel, then updating the value and importing it back into CRM to update the records is a good option.

4. Using Sales Region data

  • You can add the Sales Region column to the layout and use it to Filter records.

  • You can also use the data to build a Smart Marketing List that will automatically update, based on a chosen Sales Region/s.

  • A number of system Reports allow you to filter using the Sales Region field.

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