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Multi-currency for Sales

Before you can use multi-currency for sales in CRM, you need to ensure you have this feature enabled in your accounting system.

You should then bring through currencies from your accounting system into CRM from Admin > Integrations and select either MYOB or Xero settings. Then scroll down to Currency and click on the accounting system logo and select Import.

If you are looking for multi-currency purchasing, please see our page on Calculating Landed Costs.

Firstly, you will need to ensure your overseas customer records are set up correctly in CRM. To do this, open a Company or Contact record and ensure the following conditions are met:

  1. A Default Currency has been selected.
  2. Use Customer Tax Rate has been ticked and and the Customer Tax Rate has been set to GST Free Exports.

The choices you input on the customer record will automatically pull through to any Quotes, Sales Orders or Invoices that you produce for the customer.

When you have saved the record, currency details will now be visible in the top right corner.

When using grid view in Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices, you can add the following columns to your Layout so that multi-currency details are displayed:

  • Local Total
  • Currency
  • Currency Exchange Rate

When creating a Payment against a foreign currency Invoice, these details are shown and the Amount will be calculated in $AUD based on the Exchange Rate applied.

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