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Product Features

Once a Product has been saved you can access a Features tab where a range of product attributes can be stored.

Features tab on a Product


Within the Features tab there are 4 tabs with different feature categories:

  1. Custom: you can create your own features to appear here.
  2. Dimensions: length, width, height, depth, is bulky.
  3. Miscellaneous: Duty, EOQ, Variable Cost, Dimensions, Cubic, Include in Forecasting Product Sales Report.
  4. Volume: volume and weight.

Just click on a feature to add information and click on Save when you are done.

Adding information for a Feature

Note that if you are using either the weight or volume basis to calculate landed costs, this is where you will enter in the weight/volume information.

Creating your own features

To create your own features, navigate to Admin > Settings > Inventory > Product Features and then click on the button to add a new Product Feature.

This opens a new form where you can fill in the details of the new custom feature, as follows.

  • Category means which product feature category e.g. dimensions, custom, volume etc. You can manage these from Admin > Settings > Inventory > Product Feature Categories.
  • Type means the type of data the feature field will hold e.g. integer for numbers, string for text, boolean for a checkbox etc.
  • Product Categories means selecting from existing options you have set up in Admin > Settings > Inventory > Product Categories.
  • Measure Category means where a measurement is being entered, what is the basis of the measurement e.g. length, volume, weight etc.
  • Decimal Precision means if you are using the field type of Decimal, how many decimal places will the field support.

When you are finished inputting information, click on Save & Close.

Then return to the Features tab on a Product record and your customer feature will appear on the Category tab you related it to.

If you want to import features into your database in bulk, please contact [email protected].

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