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WooCommerce integration


Connecting the CRM to WooCommerce lets you automatically sync orders from your online store into CRM.



  1. The first step is to connect CRM and WooCommerce using our integration setup instructions.
  2. Once this is done, you can configure how often your orders are pulled through to CRM and how stock information shows in your cart – please refer to our guide on how to configure these settings.

There are several important things to note regarding the WooCommerce integration:

  • Everything in WooCommerce MUST have a unique SKU e.g. all your products and variations; basically everything in the cart.
  • The integration will pull through all your products from WooCommerce, you cannot selectively choose what to pull through to CRM.
  • CRM will match up your cart sales with CRM Products based on the SKU – if there is no match, the system will create a new Product.
  • Only published products will be imported into CRM.
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