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Invite Other Users

Once your initial set-up is complete, you’ll want to begin inviting users to join you on the CRM. If you’re in trial, it’s important that you give every member of the team a chance to trial the software and see how it works. If you’re a new subscriber, you’ll simply need to begin adding members of the team so business can continue.

Once your accounting data is loaded, all employee records and users will exist. Just update the username, put them into the right user group (for security reasons) and invite them to the CRM.

If you choose not to import employees from your accounting system, you can always add users manually.

Head to your user name in the top right corner of CRM and click to reveal the menu, then select Users.

To edit an imported user just tap the desired line for the user and click Edit. Then update the details and hit Update to apply the changes.

Editing a User record


By default, users we import from an accounting system are inactive. This is so you don’t end up with active, paid user accounts for every employee you’ve ever had. To update users, head to the user record, click Edit in the title bar, and then deselect the Locked checkbox.

Note: when we import users from an accounting system, the login details will likely be incorrect. You need to ensure the ‘Login’ field contains a valid email address (that will be used to send an initial CRM Invite to grant access) rather than a name. To assign a valid username, open the user record as per the above instructions and make sure you use the ‘Change Login’ feature to set it to an email address.

To add an entirely new user, click New User in the top right and follow the prompts.

Note: the User should receive an email with instructions on setting up their account. If they don’t, please click the ‘Resent Invitation’ button from the User Record.

We’ve made a training video on this so if you’re stuck and need some help, be sure to watch it below.

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