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Adding and Editing Tags

For sorting, organising and grouping records within CRM, you may want to start using tags. See below how to add and edit tags.

Adding Tags

Adding tags to any record is easy – and there’s a couple of ways to you can do it. The first way is from an individual record. Simply click on the desired record and locate the Tags section at the top.

Then, click Edit.

This will reveal a popup window where you’ll be able to add existing tags or create new ones.

To add an existing tag, click the small ‘+’ icon beside the tag name. This will move the tag to the Current Tags section. Once you’ve added the tags you need, click Ok.

To remove existing tags, click the small ‘x’ beside the tag name. It will then move to the Available Tags section below. Once you’ve removed the desired tags, click Ok.

To add a new tag (that doesn’t yet exist in your system), head to the bottom of the popup and click Add New Tag. Then, give the tag a name and click Add. Once you’ve added the desired tags, click Ok.

You can also add tags in bulk, to multiple contacts or companies simultaneously. To do this, head to either the company or contact grid.

Select the records you wish to add tags to using the selectors on the left. Then, click Tag in the action bar above the grid.

This will open the familiar tag selector popup window where you’ll be able to follow the same steps as above to add or create tags, and add them to the selected records.

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