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Customising Company & Contact fields

From Admin > Settings > Customers you are able to customise the options that appear on a number of drop-down fields on the Company and Contact form.

Configuring these fields to match your preferences is important for a few reasons:

  • You can get your organisation terminology into CRM, making it easier for your Users to work with day-to-day.
  • Sorting and segmenting your data in future with the use of Filters and Layouts can be done simply and effectively.

Customising fields

Click on a field name on the list and a pop-up window will open to give you editing options.

  • You can Add a new option or click on an existing option and then choose to Edit or Delete it using the buttons at the bottom of the list.

  • You can also move the values into a lower or higher position by using the up/down arrow buttons next to each value.

Deleting values

Just note that if you want to delete a value option that has data already associated with it, CRM will display a warning message and prohibit the deletion. In this event, you will need to reassign the relevant records with a new value, after which you will be able to delete the value.

Bulk updating your records to apply new values

You can then use Bulk Update to apply changes to your existing records. You can select multiple records when you are in List View and then update field values for them in bulk – it’s a great way to update batches of records to apply or remove values.

To do this:

  1. Select the records that you want to update
  2. Click on the Update button on the toolbar
  3. Select the field/s you want to update
  4. Choose the new field value/s
  5. Click on Update

Bulk updating Company records

You can also export your data to Excel and then reimport it to quickly update field values in bulk.

  • Click on the Excel icon in the top right hand corner of the Companies or Contacts area and select Export to Excel. Note that whatever columns and records are visible at the time will be exported.
  • Update the Excel with your new data and save it as a CSV file.
  • Import the CSV file.

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