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Variable Products

You can set up Products in CRM with variations so that you can quickly see what other forms or types an item comes in when it is being sold.

Variable Products are different to Configurable Products in that in that configurable ones have multiple different components that form an end product; whereas variable products require no configuration and just require the preferred variation to be chosen. Another way of thinking about it is that with configurable products, you end up with multiple SKU’s due to all the components and with a variable product, you’ll only end up with one SKU for the chosen variation.

In this example, we’re going to look at how to set up and sell a cupcake that comes in two different flavours – chocolate or vanilla.

Variable Products are particularly useful if:

  • You are using CRM with an integrated WooCommerce cart for online orders as it means a customer can select an item to purchase and then specify the type they want – in this case they would select a cupcake and then specify if they wanted chocolate or vanilla.
  • You are using Training Courses in CRM – you could have variations of a course you offer that customers need to select from e.g. a First Aid course could be offered as a refresher course or a full training session.
Create your Products

If you already have Products that you want to make variable in your system, you can skip this step.

If you still need to set them up, you can do so as per this example.

I’m selling a cupcake that comes in 2 different flavours, so I need to set up 3 Products:

  1. Cupcake – this is my main or master Product.
  2. Chocolate cupcake – this is a variation of the main Product.
  3. Vanilla cupcake – this is a variation of the main Product.
  • Go to Products and click on + New Product.

  • Enter in the relevant Product details, making sure that the boxes for Active, Sellable and Track Stock are ticked.
    • If you buy the cupcakes from a supplier, you need to tick Purchasable.
    • If you make the cupcakes yourself, you need to tick I Make This Product.
    • If you want to batch track the cupcakes, you need to tick Is Batch Tracked.

  • I then need to repeat this process two more times to create Products for my chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Once I have my 3 Products in the system, I can link them up.

Link your Products as Variations

I now need to link my chocolate and vanilla cupcake Products to my main cupcake Product. I’ll need to repeat this process to link both Products.

  • Open the variation Product record and select Edit.
  • Scroll down to the Master Product and Variation Parents fields and set both of these fields to your master Product.
  • In this example I am linking my chocolate cupcake to the master cupcake Product.

When I Save & Close the chocolate cupcake record, it shows as being linked to the cupcake. I now need to repeat the process on my vanilla cupcake record.

When I go and view my master cupcake record, I can see both the vanilla and chocolate products on the Variations tab.

I am now ready to sell cupcakes via an online cart so that customers will be prompted to choose from a chocolate or vanilla variation.

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