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Deactivating Products

Products that you no longer buy or sell or just want to archive can be made inactive.

Deactivate a Product

To do this, open a Product record and click on Edit.

Ensure the Active box is NOT ticked, then click on Save & Close.

On the saved record you will now be able to see it is no longer marked as Active.

If you add the Is Active column to the grid in Products you can filter this by “False” to show you any inactive records.


Deactivate Products in bulk

If you need to do this for a small batch of records, you can do it using bulk update from the grid in Products:

  • Select the records you would like to deactivate.
  • Click on the Update button on the toolbar.
  • Select the Is Active field from the pop-up window.
  • Ensure the box is NOT ticked.
  • Click on Update to apply the change to the records.

If you have a large batch of records, exporting the data to Excel, then updating the value and importing it back into CRM to update the records is a good option.


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