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When you start using the system you might notice that our dropdown lists don’t match your preferred options. If this is the case, you can edit them as you see fit.

To edit dropdown option lists within the CRM, head up to the Main Menu and scroll down to the Admin section. Then scroll down to Settings and you’ll reveal a list of customisable modules within the CRM.

When you select one of these sections, you’ll reveal a selection of dropdown lists that are available to edit.

Hit the appropriate line and follow the prompts to Add, Edit, Delete or Reorder the list items.

See below a list of customisations we would recommend to get your system tailored to suit you more closely.

  • Call types: this is where you specify which kind of call an employee might make, or which type of call your business may receive. The options you choose will depend on the activities you undertake but may include sales calls, progress calls, feedback calls, general enquiries, appointment setting and more.

To edit, click Activity -> Call -> Type.

  • Loss reasons: are what you assign to an opportunity when it is not won. These are the reasons a deal may not follow through. They can include budget, product unsuitability, competitors, tyre kicker and so on.

To edit, click Opportunity Settings -> Loss Reason.

  • Product categories: this is handy for any business that sells physical stock, or businesses that wish to differentiate tangible from intangible items.

To edit, click Product Settings -> Main Category.

  • Sales regions: important for separating sales data and getting a better indication of where sales are made, for both reporting and analysis purposes. They can be as broad or narrow as required. For example, some businesses may use suburb level sales regions and others may use states, territories or countries.

To edit, click Company/Contact Settings -> Sales Region.

  • Industry types: lets you classify the companies you deal with into unique groups, making it easier to interpret data and dashboards using targeted segmentation. The options you choose will depend directly on what kind of companies you sell to.

To edit, click Company Settings -> Industry Type.

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