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Using the Kanban View

The Kanban view is a way to visualise and manage data in a natural drag and drop manner. The example Kanban style screen below shows the open Opportunities:

Opportunities in Kanban view


The items can be dragged from lane to lane, depending on their status.

In some cases, like Opportunities – further options will appear when you drag items. You can drag Opportunities on to these items to either delete, mark as won, or mark as lost.  When you mark an Opportunity as lost – you can specify a loss reason.

Dragging an Opportunity to reveal Won/Lost/Remove options


Clicking on the gear icon on the right will reveal a menu that allows you to select the criteria for your view – you can choose the field that you want to sort records by and then choose which values will be displayed.

Click the gear icon to customise the view


Clicking on the arrow next to a section heading will collapse the section – click the arrow again in the collapsed section to expand it to it’s original state.

Collapsing a section in Kanban view


In the top right corner of the screen, you can also select from your Filters to change the view to meet specific criteria, or create a new Filter.

Add or apply a Filter in Kanban view


You can view more information about a record by hovering over it to reveal a pencil icon (open the record) or eye icon (view more information about the record).

Access further details about a record

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