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View Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboard are tools that the majority of businesses will regularly utilise. They give you a visual, filterable, specific and shareable view of your data that many people rely on.

If you’re in a trial, it’s important you know which reports and dashboards are available within the CRM and whether or not they’ll work for you. This is best done after you’ve imported your data – so your reports and dashboards are properly populated.

If you’ve recently subscribed to the system, getting familiar with the reporting module and our many dashboards will allow you to harness your data for use in accelerating your business and staying on top of your team and activities.

Dashboards can be viewed by clicking the Dashboard Icon on any available screen. In the view selector at the top of the screen hit the small chart and you’ll be taken to the appropriate dashboard. From there you’re able to filter and export accordingly.

You can also view dashboards from the Reports module, accessed through the Main Menu.

We’re working on a training video running you through the Dashboards functionality. Be sure to check back soon for the full demonstration. In the meantime, give it a go for yourself – our dashboards are super user friendly so you shouldn’t have much trouble.

Running reports is super easy, too. Head to the Main Menu, then scroll down to Reporting, then hit Reports.

You’ll open a list showing all available reports and dashboards. Once you find the desired report, click the appropriate line and then select Preview.

Your report will then open in a new tab and you’ll have the option to Export, Print or Filter your report.

We’ve made a training video running you through this process so be sure to check that out below if you have any issues.

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