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Setting Up Emails from CRM

To send email from the CRM, you’ll need to add your domain to CRM and then add the resulting records to your DNS Host.

You may require assistance from your IT Support company to successfully complete these settings.

  • On the main menu, navigate to Admin > Integrations.
  • Click on Email.
  • Click Activate beside the the CRM Email section.

Navigating to email integration setup

  • Type in your email domain in the New Domain field and click on the “+” button to add it to CRM.

  • You will then be given a list of CNAME entries that need to be added to your DNS server settings by your IT. 

  • You can click on the copy button to copy these to your clipboard and then email them to your IT.

  • When you are done, click Finish to finalise the integration. Note that until the DNS settings step has been performed by your IT, the integration will show as failed. 

Note that once your IT has added the DNS entries it may take some time before the integration goes from showing as Pending to Active in CRM.


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