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Connecting with eWay


Connecting the CRM to eWay allows you to take credit card payment online, with ease.



Get your API details from eWay

You’ll need to log in to your My eWay account to generate an API key, password and encryption key. For information on accessing your API key and password click here. For information on accessing your encryption key, click here.

  • Log in to My eWay
  • Expand the My Account menu and select API Key.

Accessing the API Key area

  • Choose to copy the API Key to your clipboard as you will need to input this into your CRM.

Copy your API key to your clipboard

  • Click the generate password button and copy this to your clipboard as well.

Generate a password and copy it to your clipboard

  • Now go back to the My Account menu and select Client Side Encryption.

Accessing the client side encryption area

  • Click on Generate New Key and copy this to your clipboard.

Generating an encryption key

Set up your eWay integration in CRM

  • Head to Main Menu, then select Integrations from the Admin menu.

  • Locate the eWay option and click the Activate button on the right-hand side.

Accessing the eWay integration settings

  • You’ll be asked to provide your eWay API key, password and encryption key.

Setting up an eWay integration

  • Once you’ve entered all your details (and ensured the Rapid Endpoint is set to Production), click Test.

Enter your eWay details

  • If the details are correct you should retrieve a message advising that the ‘Test Connection is Successful’.

Successful eWay connection

  • Simply click Save and your eWay connection will be complete. You’ll now be able to take credit card payments online, store credit card details safely and securely, and charge any credit cards associated with your contacts.

Save your eWay connection settings

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