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Connecting Stripe

Setting up your Stripe integration will allow you to take credit card payments (either manually or automatically) from within your CRM.

Note that in order to proceed with these instructions, you will need access to a Stripe account that has Administrator permissions.

Get your Stripe API keys

  1. Log into your Stripe account.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Developers’ section of the Stripe dashboard (the account must have Administrator permissions to access this area).
  3. Click on ‘API Keys’.
  4. Copy both the ‘Publishable key’ and ‘Secret key’.

Stripe Developers area


Set up your Stripe integration in CRM

In your CRM, navigate to Admin on the main menu and then select Integrations.


From the list of available integrations, scroll down to locate Stripe and then click on Settings.

Enter the Public and Secret keys you obtained from Stripe and then click Test.

When a message displays to advise you that the test is successful, click on Save.

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