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Connecting to MYOB


Before you commence, ensure you have been through the MYOB syncing prerequisites. To connect your CRM to MYOB, follow the simple steps outlined below.


  • Head to Main Menu, then select Integrations from the Admin menu.

  • Choose to Activate next to MYOB AccountRight.

Accessing MYOB AR connection settings

  • To connect, simply click on the button to Connect to MYOB AccountRight and you will be taken to MYOB’s authorisation portal where you will need to log in.
  • You then need to allow the CRM to access your MYOB account.

Connecting to MYOB AR in CRM

Allowing the CRM access to MYOB AR










  • Once you have logged into the MYOB authorisation portal, you’ll return to the CRM CRM and should click on Connect to start the import process.

Starting the MYOB AR import from CRM







  • The import process will take a few minutes to complete. When complete, you will see a confirmation screen letting you know the CRM is connected to MYOB.
  • To learn how to configure your MYOB sync settings, click here.

Note that all other sync preferences are set to Manual – this means that data will only move between the systems if you choose to manually import or export records.

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