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Pinning Activities on Timelines

Pinning items on CRM allows for you to manage records more effectively by highlighting key information so that it can be accessed quickly and easily by all Users.

Record Timelines are made up of a series of Activities:

  • Notes
  • Calls
  • Tasks
  • Meetings
  • Emails
  • SMS

When an Activity is pinned, it will appear highlighted towards the top of the Timeline section for all Users.

Pinned Event: Meeting

How to pin

To pin an Activity, simply click on the Pin Icon. Multiple items can be pinned at a time.

How to unpin

To unpin an Activity, click on the Pin Icon on the desired record to remove it.

Note that this will return it back to its original place within the timeline.

For example: If a Note from November, 2022 is pinned, once unpinned it will not return to the top of the timeline but instead backdated to November, 2022.

Multiple pinned Items

If multiple items are pinned, they will appear in the order of newest to oldest.

You can expand to view the full list of pinned items by clicking on the downwards arrow.

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