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Connecting with BurstSMS


Setting up your Burst SMS integration will allow you to send SMS messages from within the CRM. Burst SMS has a 98% open rate and is great for marketing and communication with customers and clients.


Set up an account with Burst SMS

the CRM customers get a preferential rate signing up with Burst SMS.

Set up your Burst SMS integration

  • When you login to Burst SMS, go to Settings and scroll down to API Settings.
  • Type a small amount of text in the API Secret and write it down, you’ll need this for the next step. Make sure you follow the prompts to update your profile details so they save successfully.

Gathering Burst SMS details for the integration


  • Log back into the CRM and head to Main Menu, then select Integrations from the Admin menu.

  • Once the integrations module opens, locate Burst SMS and click Activate.

  • Using the details obtained from Burst SMS in the first step to fill out the required fields in the CRM.
  • Click Finish.

You can add mobile numbers two ways:

  1. Automatically – once you have entered your API details, click the Get Numbers button to import your existing numbers from Burst SMS, you can then select a number from the list that has populated in the Send From Number field.
  2. Manually – you can add numbers to the Add Phone Number field and then click on the phone button at the end of the field – this number will now appear on the list in the Send From Number field.

You have the choice to enter a real mobile number (in which case any replies will go directly to that number) OR to write characters (e.g. “Company Name”) which will appear as the sender when a recipient receives the SMS. If you choose this option, recipients will not be able to reply to messages you send.

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