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This guide will show you how to set up the CRM integration with your VOIPLine system.

Before you start:

  • You must have an active service with VOIPLine.
  • You will need to email [email protected] and ask for your DATABASE GUID. 
Activate the integration with VOIPLine

There are a few steps you’ll need to complete in VOIPLine before you can complete the integration with CRM, as per this guide:

Note that if you haven’t already, you’ll need to email [email protected] and ask for your DATABASE GUID as it will be required at this step. 

Activate the VOIPLine integration in CRM

In CRM, on the main menu, go to Admin > Integrations > CTI and next to VOIPLine Telecom, click Activate.

VOIPLine will provide you with a list of devices, names and passwords that you can fill in on this page. Click on Add New Extension and then repeat the process so that all your phone users are set up here.

When all users have been added, click on Finish.

Assign extensions to Users

You will now need to go into the records for your Users and select whether each of them has a Hot Desk, Permanent or no extension.

Click on your name in the top right hand corner of CRM and select Users.

Open a User record and make a selection in the CTI Extension Binding Mode field.

Once you have made a selection of either Hot Desk Extension or Permanent Extension, a CTI Extension field will show – add the user’s extension number here and click on Save & Close.

You will need to repeat this process for each User record.

Note that if you assign a Hot Desk Extension, the User will be required to select this on login:

Download the desktop app

You can download the desktop app (which is only supported in Windows at the moment) by going to Admin > Integrations > CTI and by clicking on Settings next to VOIPline Telecom.

From this page, you can initiate the program download.

Once the program has been installed, users will need enter their CRM login details and click on Login and then select the correct database from the dropdown to link to desktop client to and then click Connect.

Once logged in, users can click on the gear icon to access pop-up preferences.

The application can be accessed from the system tray – just right click and select Open. If call pop-ups are not appearing, open the application and check that it is connected and refresh the connection if required.

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