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Connect to Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor

If you plan on using the CRM to carry out effective and efficient marketing, we’d recommend connecting the system with Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, two great marketing and automation tools.

If you’re in trial and you choose to connect to your digital marketing platform, you’ll be able to simulate real-world campaign generation, management and tracking – including creating/importing/editing marketing lists and sending campaigns to customers (or sending test emails to your team).

If you’re a recent subscriber, connecting to your digital marketing system will let you create and send campaigns directly from within the CRM. You’ll be able to create, import, edit and update marketing lists so your marketing materials are up to date and sent to the desired customers/prospects.

To connect to Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, simply head to the Main Menu and scroll down to the Admin section. Then select Connections.

Locate the desired system.

You’ll be prompted to enter API information and login details so the connection can be completed. Once finished you’ll be able to import/export marketing lists and send email campaigns with ease.

You can also see our CRM Integrations page for specific setup instructions for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

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