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Troubleshooting the Outlook Add-In

Check you have the most recent version

Use this link to download the most recent version of Inbox Insights:

Add-in not showing in Outlook

If you’ve just installed the Inbox Insights Outlook Add-In, but you can’t see of the features within your Outlook, you may need to unblock the Add-In from within Outlook’s settings.

Firstly, run the normal installation using the Installer Wizard you downloaded above.

If the the CRM ribbon is not displayed when you open Outlook then go to File, select Options, then Add-Ins. It is likely that the CRM Inbox Insights is hidden within the Disabled Items. In this case you will have to select the Disabled Items option, click Go and enable the add-in.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, follow the steps below.

Go back to the Add-ins section as per the previous steps and instead of selecting the Disabled Items option, select COM Add-ins instead, then click Go. It will display a new window.

Click Add and type in the path location below (be sure to replace with your username).

C:UsersAppDataLocalthe CRMInbox Insights Outlook Plugin

You should be able to locate two files, one called adxloader64.dll and another called adxloader.dll. Select adxloader64.dll, if it does not work, try the same thing with adxloader.dll. One of these options should get Inbox Insights up and running in your Outlook.

Incorrect password or authorisation error

When you log into Inbox Insights on your computer, you need to ensure you use the email and password that you use to log into CRM – do not use your Windows or Outlook password.

You can access your credentials by going to the the CRM tab in Outlook then clicking on Options. Ensure you click OK to save any changes you make.

Check the connected database

You can access your credentials by going to the the CRM tab in Outlook then clicking on Options.

You can click on the database name to see a list of available databases you can connect to.

You will want to make sure you are connected to the right database e.g. if you are connected to an inactive trial or deactivated database you will get an error advising you that you are not authorised to connect.

If you make any changes here, click on OK to save them.

Clear the program logs

You can perform the following steps to resolve a range of issues  with Inbox Insights:

  • Close Outlook.
  • In your file browser/explorer type in %appdata%.

  • Go to the folder the CRM > Inbox Insights Outlook Plugin.

  • Delete all the folders you find here.
  • Restart Outlook.
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