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Syncing Your Outlook Emails, Calendar & Contacts

  • Before you sync your calendar with CRM, we recommend you take some time to consider the configuration to avoid data being incorrectly shared with CRM.
  • You can choose whether and when to sync your Appointments, Contacts and Emails from Outlook.
  • To avoid the sync of personal Appointments and Contacts, set the PRIVATE flag on the record/s in Outlook. Tall Emu will still sync a blank Appointment (marked as private) to denote your unavailability, but not the details of the event. Private Contacts will not be synced to your CRM. 
  • To set your Appointments and Contacts as Private, open the record in Outlook and click on the Private button.

Setting an Appointment to Private in Outlook


Setting a Contact to Private in Outlook

  • You can control how and when your Outlook data syncs with Tall Emu.
  • To set up the your calendar and email sync in Outlook, navigate to Tall Emu and then choose Options.

Configuring your sync options in Outlook

  • The options menu will appear:

Outlook calendar & email sync options

The options are mainly self-explanatory. We would recommend you select the following options:

  • Auto-Sync Calendar – it will then allow your outlook to auto sync meetings.
  • Sync meetings from CRM to Outlook, and Outlook to CRM – it’s better to create them in CRM, but many users prefer to continue doing this in Outlook.
  • Contact Sync from CRM to Outlook only – to avoid accidental cluttering of data.
  • For the Email options – we generally recommend manually syncing emails that are important, to avoid cluttering up the database with low-value data. For example, if you share 20 emails with someone trying to arrange a meeting, that’s probably not worth syncing, but an email with important project information is.
  • If you want to Auto Sync – we’d recommend using the Email Folders – drag messages in there and Inbox Insights will sync in the background.
  • Click OK to save your changes. 
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