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Connecting with Campaign Monitor


The following steps will guide you through connecting your CRM to Campaign Monitor.



Data that syncs with the integration

When you connect Campaign Monitor to CRM, the following data will sync between systems:

Data that syncs IN to CRM

  • Your Subscriber Lists, Campaigns and Subscribers will all be brought into CRM.
  • Underlying details about Subscriber Lists and Campaigns will also be brought into CRM e.g. unsubscribes, bounces, reads etc.
  • CRM will look for an existing match for Subscribers in Companies and Contacts and if a match is not found, a new record will be created.
  • CRM automatically checks with Campaign Monitor every hour for new or updated data and brings it into CRM.

Data that syncs OUT to Campaign Monitor

  • You can select whether your Lists in CRM sync out Campaign Monitor sync on a regular basis.
  • You can select which Lists in CRM sync out to Campaign Monitor.
  • You can also not schedule a regular sync and just manually push Lists from CRM out to Campaign Monitor, as required.

Note that once a Campaign that has been pulled into CRM from Campaign Monitor is complete, you will not be able to delete the record in CRM.

Get your API details from Campaign Monitor

You’ll need to get some connection settings from Campaign Monitor before you start:

  • Log into Campaign Monitor.
  • Access your Account Settings from the top right corner by clicking on your profile icon.

Accessing your Campaign Monitor account settings

  • Select the API keys link.

Accessing the API details in Campaign Monitor

  • Click on the link to Generate API key and make a note of this as you will need to input this into your CRM.
  • Make a note of your Client ID as you will need to input this into your CRM.

Set up your Campaign Monitor integration in CRM
  • Head to Main Menu, then select Integrations from the Admin menu.

  • Choose Campaign Monitor from the list and click on Activate.

Accessing the Campaign Monitor integration settings

  • Enter the Client ID you obtained from Campaign Monitor.
  • Put in the API Key you generated in Campaign Monitor.
  • The Unsubscribe Setting lets you select whether subscribers are removed from Only This List (i.e. the one the unsubscribe was initiated from) or All Client Lists (i.e. every list they are on).
  • The Check Result field lets you specify the number of days that CRM will continue to look for new information on a Campaign after it has been sent.
  • Please press the TEST button afterwards, to ensure that you’ve entered the key correctly.
  • When your test is successful, click Finish.

Setting up a Campaign Monitor integration

  • When your connection is successful, you will see the following screen.
  • Click on the Start Download button to initiate the data import.

A successful connection is now ready for data import to CRM

  • Once your data import is complete, you will see a summary of the imported data.
Schedule your Lists to automatically sync to Campaign Monitor

You can set the ongoing sync frequency of your Lists from CRM OUT to Campaign Monitor here as either Manual or a Scheduled.

Campaign Monitor import success – set your sync preference

  • If you select Scheduled, you can amend the schedule by clicking on the days and time to reveal the option to change the existing details. You also need to then select which Lists you want to sync – see below for details.
  • Click Close to apply the changes.

Amending the data sync schedule

If you have your sync setting as Scheduled, you first need to tell CRM which Lists you want to sync to Campaign Monitor. To do this, go to the List and press the Upload to Campaign Monitor button – this initiates the connection and means the List will upload in future automatically, as per your sync schedule. You only need to press this button once.

If you have your sync setting as Manual, you will need to go into the List and press the Upload to Campaign Monitor button whenever you want to push the list out to Campaign Monitor.

The upload button in a CRM List

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