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Import Data from Excel or CSV

If you don’t have an accounting system, don’t want to sync it just yet, or simply want to import your data from spreadsheets you’ve populated over time, Tall Emu CRM also allows for easy data import from CSV.

In Tall Emu CRM, everything has an import functionality. You can import:

  • Existing opportunities.
  • Existing tasks and to-do items.
  • Products.
  • Lists, customers, prospects.

Read the instructions below or go here and watch a Training Video.

To import data, press the small Excel icon in the top right of the screen.

Note: you can download an import template to guide your data upload. This CSV file will outline the database fields that you are able to populate in the CRM – handy for easy data mapping.

Then follow the prompts to import from CSV. You’ll need to match data labels in your CSV file with data labels in the CRM and then your data will begin importing. We’ve made a dedicated help file for this process so click HERE to learn more.

If you’re uploading data to an existing database, you might benefit from our handy Duplicate Checker. When enabled, this will autonomously check your existing data for duplicates during the upload.

Depending on your preferences, you can skip duplicates, upload duplicate data anyway, or choose to update the existing records with any new fields that may be associated.

Note that you must select at least one column to use for duplicate checking – the import will fail if you have not selected a column.

To specify a column to be checked for duplicates, select Yes for Use For Duplicate Checking.

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