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Inbound Returns

Inbound Returns work the same way as Outbound Shipments, the only difference is that you generate these from a Sales Order for negative item values to show that goods that are being returned to you.

Keep in mind that:

  • When you generate an Invoice for a Sales Order with a negative item value, the result will be a Credit Note.
  • Inbound Returns do not alter your stock level – you will need to create a Credit Note to do this.
Create an Inbound Return from a Sales Order

From a Sales Order, select the item that is being returned and change the quantity to a negative value to indicate the quantity being returned. The following example shows a negative item quantity on a Sales Order:

Negative item quantity on a Sales Order

The items shown above will not be returned to stock until a Credit Note is generated, however, you can control the administrative process for the return of goods with Inbound Returns.

What you can do now is under the Sales Order click on Return > Generate Return on the toolbar and the respective Inbound Return record will be created.

Generate an Inbound Return from a Sales Order

You can also generate an Inbound Return and mark it as Received at the same time by clicking on Return > Mark As Returned.

Viewing & tracking returns

You will now be able to see the Inbound Return shipment record from both Sales > Inbound Returns and from the Returns tab on the Sales Order.

Viewing all Inbound Returns from Sales

Returns tab on a Sales Order

Mark the returned goods as received

You can then mark the Inbound Return as Received to indicate that the return of goods is complete – just select Mark As > Received from the toolbar on the associated shipment record.

Marking an Inbound Return as received

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