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2023 Release Notes

14th August 2023


In Reporting > Reports a new report has been added called Accounting Integration Error which summarises all accounting integration issues in one place.

2nd August 2023


  • A new field Session Timeout (Minutes) has been added to User records. This allows you to determine the period of time that a User will remain idle for before being logged out. The default value for this field is 240 minutes (4 hours) and you can adjust this for each of your Users as required. Please see the updated help file for further information.

20th July 2023


  • Customer Special Prices can now be imported into CRM in bulk from the main Product screen or from the Special Prices tab on Product or customer records (Company or Contact). Please see the updated help file for further information.

  • Price Breaks can now be imported in bulk from the main Product screen. Please see the updated help file for further information.


  • Bills Of Material (BoM) can now be imported into CRM in bulk. Please see the updated help file for more information.

5th July 2023

Barcode scanning

  • Is now available on Outbound Shipments for shipment picking. Please see the updated help file for further information.

24th June 2023

Bulk image imports

  • Images can now be uploaded in bulk to Companies, Contacts and Products.
  • This is done by clicking on the Excel icon in the top right hand corner of CRM and then choosing the Bulk Image Importer option.
  • For more information, see this help page.

Bulk image upload in Products


  • The integration now supports direct or broker type connections.

17th June 2023


  • The field PDF Template can now be updated in bulk on Quote, Sales Order and Invoice.

Outbound Shipments

  • The status of Outbound Shipments can now be updated in bulk via a new Bulk Actions button on the toolbar.

9th June 2023


  • Introduction of a new Settings page under Admin to replace the previous collection of options that were nested under Admin.

New Settings area in Admin

  • The page is broken into categories and settings can be edited by clicking on any of the links within a category block, which will take you to the editing screen for the chosen setting. In the following example, the Lifecycle Stage field for Companies and Contacts is being edited.

Editing a setting


  • When working with serialised stock on Purchase Orders, serial numbers can now be added in bulk via the Bulk Add button.

  • You can then copy & paste in serials or manually type them in and click Apply.

  • The serials are then added to the Purchase Order, just click OK to have them allocated to the items on the order.

29th May 2023


CRM now supports the scanning of barcodes, please see the help guide for further information.

  • Addition of new Barcode field on the Product form.

Product in Edit mode

Product in Save mode

  • Addition of a new tab for Alternative Barcodes on the saved Product form where new barcodes can be added or existing ones deleted.


  • Addition of a new field Client PO# on the Subscription form.

24th May 2023


  • Duplicate checking has now been enabled by default for Companies (Company Name), Contacts (Email) and Products (Part Number) when importing data.

15th May 2023


  • Have now been updated to include a History area that shows the progression of the Status of the Task.

3rd May 2023


  • @ mentions in Activities that trigger an email to the mentioned User now include details and a link to the record of origin in the notification email.

  • @ mention Notifications in CRM now include include details and a clickable link to the record of origin in the notification.

Customer Portal

  • Product images from CRM are now visible in Customer Portal.

  • A new Team has been added for Customer Portal Supplier Users so that suppliers can be given access to the portal.

  • This allows you to provide portal supplier users with access to new Purchase Orders and Supplier Bills tabs.


28th April 2023


  • Ability to copy a Product has been introduced with a copy button added to the Product record.

Once copy is selected, the system prompts for a new Part Number to be entered for the new Product (as this is unique).

  • A copy of the Product is then created with the new Part Number and the following information is transferred over along with the main item information:
    • Price Breaks
    • Suppliers
    • Supplier Price Breaks

19th April 2023

General UI

  • Addition of a Show Inactive box to grid view in Companies and Contacts. By default, all inactive records are now hidden from view and can be displayed by selecting the Show Inactive option.


  • When entering items on sales you can now see information about stock availability at the chosen ‘sell from’ location for the item.

  • Once the item has been added, you can click on the i next to the item name to reveal stock information for other locations.

Credit Control

  • If a customer is on Credit Stop but the invoice for an order has been paid, the system will now allow for that particular order to be shipped.


  • The capability now exists to download an import template for a stocktake, fill in the details and then upload this into the stocktake record.

Item stocktake tab

  • Where stock has batch or serial numbers that need to be filled in, there are new tabs that allow for this information to be uploaded in bulk.

Serial number tab

Batch number tab


16th March 2023


  • Main Industry Type field is now visible on Contacts as well as Companies.


24th February 2023

General UI

  • Addition of a button to reveal the last 10 recently viewed records in CRM.


  • When adding Products to a Quote, Sales Order or Invoice by using the Add Item > Select Products method, the resulting Select Products box now contains the option to show products that have been previously quoted, sold, invoiced, or show all.

6th February 2023


  • The addition of 3 new Rules to Filters:
    • Assigned To User
    • Assigned To Me
    • Tagged As


  • Connected purchasing functions to Projects – tabs for Purchases, Supplier Bills and Requests For Quote are now available for use.

Purchase Orders & Supplier Bills

  • New field on PO for Supplier Invoice Number, which will carry over to Supplier Bill.

27th January 2023


  • You can now generate multiple Calls by selecting multiple Companies or Contacts from the grid and pressing the Call button on the toolbar.

  • In Calendar & Activity on the menu, the area Calendar has been renamed Calendar & Activity to reflect that this area contains not only the CRM calendar, but is also a central repository of ALL activities from throughout CRM.

19th January 2023


  • In Reporting > Reports a new report for “Stock Value” has been added which generates based on the date run.



  • Ability to generate a PDF job sheet (in addition to a service report) from the Preview button on the Job record toolbar. The PDF will open in a new tab.


General UI

  • Column Chooser now displays field groups in a contracted state by default (previously they were expanded).



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